Clinical Risk Management Lies at the Heart of Patient Safety

Clinical Risk Management is the process of identifying and mitigating risks in a healthcare setting. Risks are inherent in a clinical or healthcare practice, as they are in any other activity. But the field of healthcare has to be doubly wary of risk management because an adverse risk can cause irreparable loss if it leads to an event such as death. To a healthcare organization or practice, a bad event can harm the name beyond repair.

How is risk identified?

The first step to implementing a Clinical Risk Management is identifying the risks in the practice. This can be done in a number of ways:


Why do healthcare providers need to implement a Clinical Risk Management strategy?

Healthcare providers need to put in place a very sound Clinical Risk Management strategy for a number of reasons:


Steps to putting a good Clinical Risk Management program in place

A healthcare organization can put an effective Clinical Risk Management in place through a four-step process: