Clinical Trial Recruitment Methods

Clinical trial recruitment methods are the basis for selection of the appropriate subjects for a clinical trial. Proper selection is the fundament of clinical research. This factor is the biggest contributor to the outcome of the research, since it is on the subjects - the participants in a clinical research - that the whole purpose of the research depends. We may liken the selection of subjects to the raw material used for production. Just as the quality of the raw material determines the quality of the final output; the subjects that go into a clinical trial decide the veracity and quality of the clinical trial.

The sample is all important

Given the importance of this selection process; it is necessary for clinical research sponsors to understand ways by which to employ the most effective clinical trial recruitment methods. This is critical because like in market research, the sample is the nub of the whole research. The accuracy of the research findings rests entirely on this sample. The quality of the sample, which is arrived at by employing effective clinical trial recruitment methods, is projected to the universe (meaning the whole population that is of concern to the clinical trial), from which the findings and results thrown up by the clinical trial are arrived at and analyzed.

Clinical trial recruitment, it goes without saying, comprises scientifically and statistically validated clinical trial recruitment methods and metrics.

A few commonly used clinical trial recruitment methods

These are usually the means or sources by which clinical trial recruitment methods are used:

Referrals from clinicians: This is among the prominent clinical trial recruitment methods, as clinicians usually keep observing the clinical characteristics of people that come to them for tests and other clinical investigations. When a sponsor approaches a clinician for referrals for a clinical trial; she has laid her hands on a very authentic, accurate and real source for trials. Referrals from clinicians are considered highly among the clinical trial recruitment methods.

From the database of existing investigators: By this method, sponsors choose from an already existing database of investigators. The creation of this database is the result of ongoing activities, because many clinical research organizations specialize in creating a usable database from which new parties interested in clinical trials can choose a sample.

Advertising:The impact and power of advertising as being among the clinical trial recruitment methods can never be understated. Placing ads in the right media is sure to attract responses.

Benefits of adapting the right clinical trial recruitment methods and metrics

Using the right clinical trial recruitment methods comes with its set of advantages: