Efficient healthcare management holds the key to the success of a healthcare management

Key Takeaway:

Healthcare management is a vast and complex field. Healthcare organizations that want to stay ahead of the competition need to implement best practices and have to think on their feet.

Healthcare management is a topic that is diverse and huge. This is so because healthcare management is quite complex. It is also ever-changing, since the introduction of anything new can trigger changes in the system.

First, an understanding of healthcare management

Healthcare management can be understood as providing coordination, direction and leadership to the various departments in a healthcare-providing organization to help them optimize their resources for delivering quality healthcare. It involves

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the various departments that make up the healthcare organization, which helps in coordinating the various functions
  • Grasp of the nuances of the healthcare industry to optimize healthcare delivery
  • Creating opportunities for keeping financial and other resources down
  • Knowledge of the regulatory requirements of the healthcare industry and ways by which to comply with them
  • A deep understanding of the latest processes and technologies that go into the industry
  • Critical decision-making ability both in relation to the internal dynamics of the healthcare organization and the external forces within which the organization has to function

Strong link between management practices and performance

Hospital management professionals the world over seek to make the best use of their resources in improving healthcare management in their respective organizations.

Some examples of healthcare abuse

These are some of the examples of healthcare abuse:
  • When services that are not medically warranted are performed and charged for
  • When services and/or supplies are charged in excess of their actual value
  • When codes on a claim are misused
  • When the physician or healthcare provider fail in maintaining proper financial or medical records
  • When they refuse to furnish or allow access to medical or financial records
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