Choosing the right HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions

HIPAA/HITECH require a high degree of compliance with the standards set out in them. Covered Entities, consisting of Business Associates, healthcare providers and health plans have to implement provisions of the HIPAA/HITECH.


Why are HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions needed?

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions are needed for all these entities simply because they have no choice in implementing these. Given the extreme importance their work has - namely security of Protected Health Information (PHI) - entities in the healthcare sector have to ensure a high degree of confidentiality of patient data.

This is where HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions help. It is manually impossible to do this. This is not only because manual work slows the process, but also because the whole system of patient data is automated, allowing no scope or opportunity for manual work. HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions ensure that the software that goes into them carries out the required work in a streamlined and organized fashion. The software is built and programmed to take into consideration all the elements of HIPAA/HITECH Compliance.


These HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions are there only to ensure that the system carries out its tasks without any glitches or inaccuracies. HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions are a great means to help entities carry out their work, because the cost of noncompliance with the provisions of HIPAA/HITECH is exorbitant, to say the least. Many an organization has been forced to cough up penalties that run into many times their profits only because they failed to implement the core provisions set out in HIPAA/HITECH.

What should one look for in HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions?

There are many HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions that are available in the market. At the core of HIPAA/HITECH is the requirement that Covered Entities have to build the following:

  • Administrative safeguards
  • Physical safeguards
  • Technical safeguards

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions should have this capability.


Notifications to the concerned authorities

Additionally, the provisions of HIPAA/HITECH require covered entities to notify any breach of Protected Health Information to the concerned authorities. HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions should have the feature that enables the Covered Entity to carry this out automatically.

Ability to carry out broad levels of documentation

HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions should also have the resilience and wherewithal to carry out the extensive, high level documentation that goes into securing patient records. HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions should ideally be a single platform into which all these functions are built, and which enable the Covered Entity to seamlessly and automatically carry out its tasks. This calls for the implementation of robust and scalable software, which is something these HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Solutions should have in them.