Hospital Management -a completely specialized profession

Key Takeaway:

The growth and development of hospitals has led to an altogether specialized discipline -hospital management. Hospital management is about coordinating the various functions of a hospital and ensuring optimal healthcare to patients and other stakeholders.

Hospital Management has come a long way from being a supplementary duty that senior doctors handled with ease, to being a full-fledged specialization in itself. Hospital management is an altogether fully developed specialist profession whose managers are well qualified.

Many institutions today offer courses on hospital management. The relationship of hospital management to the area of management rather than to the medical field can be understood from the fact that many hospital managers are from a purely management background, and have little knowledge of medical science. Many hospital management institutions offer an MBA.

They also offer courses on specialized subunits of hospital management, such as hospital financial management, healthcare system management, hospital human resources management, etc.

This is because hospitals have evolved over time. They are now ultra-specialist healthcare providers that use the latest technologies. A hospital could use anything from billing software to highly sophisticated technology used in its medical devices. A hospital management specialist needs to be not only aware of these uses; she also needs to be/have all these:

  • A good administrator who handles staff;
  • A deep knowledge of the information systems;
  • A good grip on all the systems that need to be coordinated thoroughly if the hospital needs to function smoothly without any hassles;
  • Dealing with facilities for patients.

Hospital Management can thus be understood as being the facilitator between a healthcare setting and those who need these services. It is about ensuring that all the administrative elements of a healthcare setting function in unison to ensure provision of accountable healthcare.

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