OSHA Law & Regulations

OSHA Law & Regulations are the complete set of OSHA regulations that are stipulated and specified for ensuring the safety of workers at various kinds of workplaces. These OSHA Law & Regulations contain not only the complete list of OSHA standards that are currently in place; they also have information on the rulemaking process used for developing these OSHA Law & Regulations.

All these OSHA Law & Regulations are the result of a comprehensive process that involves extensive consultations with experts, employers, employees and other stakeholders including the general public. This is why it usually takes a long time for OSHA Law & Regulations to come into effect. OSHA calls this whole process the OSHA Rulemaking Process.

Onus is on the employer

OSHA Law & Regulations state that it is the duty of the employer to provide a workplace that is safe and ensures the wellbeing of the employee. To ensure this, OSHA Law & Regulations have to be implemented in accordncae with the prescribed method. OSHA takes the responsibility for enforcing these OSHA Law & Regulations by providing training, assistance and education and implementing outreach programs.

OSHA Law & Regulations are listed under these categories:

  • General industry
  • Construction
  • Maritime
  • Recordkeeping
  • Agriculture
  • State Plans

All the OSHA Law & Regulations are listed under the code beginning with the numerals "19", and each of these categories are tied to relevant CFR Regulations and Standards.


OSHA Law & Regulations for General Industry begins with the code "1910", and has to be implemented with regulations set out in CFR-29 Standards, like all other OSHA Law & Regulations. OSHA Law & Regulations for General Industry is very, very comprehensive and cover a wide swathe of areas ranging from bloodborne pathogens to lockouts to emergency response.


OSHA Law & Regulations on Construction cover all aspects of safety and health of workers in the construction industry. OSHA Law & Regulations on Construction begins with the "1926" series.


OSHA Law & Regulations on Maritime begins with the code "1915", and covers occupational safety and health standards for those employed in shipyards, longshoring and maritime terminals.


Beginning with the code "1904", OSHA Law & Regulations on Recordkeeping stipulates standards on recordkeeping for all kinds of workplaces and types of organizations based on the number of employees they have.


OSHA Law & Regulations related to Agriculture begins with the "1928" series and cover regulations and standards across all types of agricultural implements and vehicles.

State Plans

Finally, State Plans are those OSHA Law & Regulations whose standards are the State's responses to OSHA regulations. Beginning with the "1952" series, OSHA Law & Regulations on State Plans are a set of approved State plans for enforcement of State Standards in the individual States of the US.