Quality Assurance in Nursing is an important discipline in ensuring quality of healthcare

Key Takeaway:

Quality assurance in nursing is about assuring quality in nursing by ensuring that practices are compliant with quality standards. This is a full-fledged profession with its own educational and experience requirements.

Quality assurance in nursing has to be understood from the standpoint of quality assurance and compliance. Quality assurance in nursing is about ensuring adherence to quality standards as mandated by nursing regulatory bodies. Quality assurance in nursing assesses what healthcare processes are in place and what else needs to be implemented to better the system.

Where do quality assurance nurses work?

Professionals who make a career out of quality assurance in nursing are employed in various healthcare settings. They could work in clinics or small or large hospitals. Professionals who make a career in quality assurance in nursing are licensed registered nurses. Since they are registered nurses, they should also obtain a licentiate. To get this, they should complete a prerequisite approved nursing program.

The exam for getting licensure is the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN), a computer-based examination. A higher level of education for those in quality assurance in nursing is a master's degrees in health care quality or a near degree. In some healthcare organizations, this is required at entry level.

Some of the works they do in maintaining quality assurance in nursing include:
  • Reviewing reports or files to make sure that activities contained in them are following regulatory clinical standards
  • Collaborating with colleagues from other departments to which nursing is related either directly or indirectly
  • Interacting with other hospitals or organizations, if the need arises
  • For professionals pursuing a career in quality assurance in nursing, the ability to analyze data and manage cases is a must, as a major part of their work involves these. They should also be prompt about meeting deadlines.

How is quality assurance in nursing measured?

The crucial question relating to quality assurance in nursing is about its measurement. Quality, despite being subjective, has to be measurable if it has to be assessed. Quality control and task analysis are the two major tools against which quality assurance in nursing is measured.

  • Task analysis is important because quality assurance nurses have to perform a myriad of tasks in their day-to-day work. These are sometimes related to each other, or they are diffuse. Efficiency in carrying out this multitude of tasks is a major parameter for assessing quality assurance in nursing.
  • Quality assurance nurses are also evaluated in relation to quality control. This is done by mapping the quality assurance they bring about with standards and tools. Quality assurance in nursing is brought about by comparing performance standards with objectives.
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