Quality Management in Healthcare involves putting processes in place and adhering to them

Key Takeaway:

Quality management in healthcare is a critical requirement for healthcare organizations. Making quality management patient-centric comes first. Adapting and implementing standards and tools is the next step towards this.

Quality management in healthcare is of critical importance to the healthcare industry and the patient. Everyone in the loop -from physicians to practitioners to support staff -needs to be aware of the importance of quality management in healthcare. The most basic purpose of imparting high quality management in healthcare is to make sure that the patient is well taken care of. For this to happen, the healthcare setting has to implement systems and processes.

Quality management centers on process management. If organizations have to ensure that meaningful quality management in healthcare is being implemented; they have to adhere to processes. Adapting standards and instilling processes into the healthcare system is how healthcare providers can assure quality in healthcare.

Patient is at the center of quality management in healthcare

Obviously, the first step in the direction of implementing quality management in healthcare is to make the healthcare setting's care and processes patient-oriented and patient-centric. Quality management in healthcare begins with the patient and should be fully tuned to her needs. As patients' requirements and expectations vary over time; quality management has to keep upgrading itself to keep up with the changing needs and demands.

In line with this, the following means can go a long way in ensuring quality management in healthcare:

  • The healthcare setting has to identify goals for ensuring quality management in healthcare. Each department has to be given measurable goals to reach.
  • Implementing quality standards goes a long way in ensuring that quality management in healthcare is imparted in the organization. Six Sigma, ISO 9001 and ANOVA are some of the popular standards and tools that are used in the healthcare industry.
  • Hiring the right professionals is another important step for healthcare organizations that are determined to implement quality management in healthcare. A Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) is, for example, a person who has the right knowledge of leading the healthcare organization.
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