Social media works terribly well in the construction industry

At first glance, the social media and the construction industry may not seem like the most compatible of buddies. However, a rather startling fact could completely belie that assumption: At the end of 2014, it was estimated by the Construction Marketing Association that 97 percent of professionals in the construction industry were active on the social media.


There has been a steady higher single digit growth in the numbers of those in the social media in the construction industry. All the social media platforms - social media blogging, use of YouTube and the taking up to Twitter - have gone up significantly over 2014. This certainly is astounding, and makes construction among the most social media-savvy industries.

What are the ways in which social media is working for the construction industry?

Given these huge numbers, it is worth exploring the ways in which social media works for the construction industry. The same study being referred to also looked at the most common ways in which the construction industry is using the social media.


Campaigns:Campaigns take the first place when it comes to social media use for the construction industry. Most players in the construction industry use the social media to create awareness about their business, to involve their existing or potential clients in the business, and to posture themselves as leaders in the industry

Being known as distributors of knowledge:Many companies in the construction industry use the social media to disseminate a lot of information about the industry with the general public. Many augment their presence in the social media circles by following a sort of thumb rule, by which they make a two fifths allocation on the social media for publicizing information on the social media about the industry trends; two fifths for involving themselves directly with their customers, and the remaining one fifth for complete self-promotion.

Familiarizing the public with the industry trends:A major use of social media for the construction industry seems to be for familiarizing the general public about the latest fads in the construction industry. For example, many people may not be aware of some of the regulations on environment. Others may not be aware of some of the technologies that are making inroads into the construction industry, and yet others may not be completely clear about steps relating to documentation when purchasing property. These are typically the areas in which social media is used by the construction industry.