The Social Media and Clinical Care

The foremost goal and objective of clinical care is to bring about a sense of wellbeing in the patient. Clinical care could consist of any therapeutic activity that causes this to happen, ranging from medication to clinical trials to investigations. Every time clinical care is administered to a patient in any kind of a healthcare setting, there is an element of interaction involved between the patient and the caregiver.

The explosion of this phenomenon has brought it into every conceivable human space, and clinical care is one of them. Social media and clinical care have become inseparable from one another. No matter what one's personal preference for this medium; that it is here to stay is beyond question.

In what areas of clinical care are the social media used?

Clinical care is not exempt from the influence of the social media. the social media and clinical care getting extremely closely tied to each other, with care providers using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a number of activities relating to the area of clinical care, such as clinical trials.

Till the advent of the social media on the scene, a whole dimension was missing in clinical care. Social media platforms are now being increasingly used by clinical care professionals and organizations for the advantage they offer: They make activities happen in extremely quick time. To give just one small example, when a few volunteers need to be recruited for a clinical trial, all that the principal or other professionals need to do to get access to a global sample of subjects is to visit the social media. This was inconceivable before these media emerged.

Challenges of social media and clinical care

The example cited above is just one of the myriad numbers of ways by which the social media can be used in a discipline like clinical care. While social media can be used to hasten a number of activities in clinical care; it also brings with it huge challenges.

The challenges relate primarily to ethics brought about by concerns over the security of the clinical care data. The social media are also used to share information about patients. Social media and clinical care run into a delicate situation together when data is compromised. Data breaches, whether intended or unintended, have serious implications that have the potential to affect the business and its reputation.

The challenge for a clinical care organization is to make use of the obvious benefits the social media bring into clinical care, while also making sure that their downsides do not affect them, at least seriously.