Key Factors to Write HIPAA Compliance Policies

Instructor Alice McCart
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Alice M. McCart has been an editor for more than three decades and an attorney admitted to practice law in Illinois since 1993. She has master’s degrees in teaching and journalism and enjoys freelance editing, tutoring, and teaching effective writing to adults. She has held positions in the federal government, in professional associations, in the corporate world, in private law practice, and in HIPAA consulting.

She now lives and works in Overland Park, Kansas, with the law firm of Tomes & Dvorak, Chartered, the HIPAA consulting firm EMR Legal, Inc., and the publishing company Veterans Press, Inc. Also owned by Jonathan P. Tomes and Richard D. Dvorak, EMR Legal is a national HIPAA consulting firm that provides consulting services for clients ranging from a large county government, with different health entities that need HIPAA compliance help, to a small transcription service.

The EMR Legal team has provided consultation to more than 1,000 clients regarding health care regulations since 1998. Veterans Press publishes HIPAA compliance books, CDs, and other tools by Jonathan P. Tomes and others, including The Compliance Guide to HIPAA and the DHHS Regulations and its accompanying HIPAA Documents Resource Center CD, both in their 5th edition (6th edition forthcoming 2014), an integral part of the HIPAA Compliance Library, and his latest two books, The Complete HIPAA Policies and Procedures Guide, with accompanying HIPAA Compliance Sample Policies and Procedures CD, and Your Happy HIPAA Book, among many other books and HIPAA compliance tools, all of which Alice McCart has edited.

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