Accident Causation and Investigation

This webinar will conduct a detailed procedure for discovering the root cause of the accident, Accidents can cause an organization to lose valued resources including productivity and resources, Accident causation and investigation is imperative to protecting an employer from human loss and organizational losses, an incident investigation which includes a root cause analysis will prevent and predict accidents and incidents.

Instructor Sheldon Primus
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Speaker Profile
Sheldon Primus is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist and holds a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in environmental policy. He has been in the environmental and occupational safety field since 1994. Additionally, he is a trainer for the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist program of the Alliance Safety Council-Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sheldon is an authorized OSHA General Industry and Construction trainer for the 10 and 30-hour Outreach program. Sheldon is a guest columnist for the online publications of Treatment Plant Operator (TPO) and WaterOnline. He has written an article regarding regulatory compliance, operator safety, and wastewater process control. He has written a book entitled “7 Steps to Starting a Profitable Safety Consulting Business”. In December 2017, Sheldon is expected to finish his second book “The Future of OSHA: The Donald Trump era”.

Currently, Sheldon is the owner/CEO of Utility Compliance Inc. and its subsidiary, OSHA Compliance Help, an international safety consulting, training, and a regulatory agency compliance assistance company. Sheldon served as part of the Water Environmental Federation (WEF) Water Sector Safety Committee and the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) taskforce on All Hazards Communication training for the Water and Wastewater Sector.

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