Behavioral and Mental Health Resources and Trainings

Mental health is a state of being in a sound and comfortable mental state. It is a product of psychological, familial, social, economic and professional wellness. Lack of mental health is a major factor in crime and lack of productivity at the workforce. People need to be well off mentally if they have to be creative and productive and lead a happy and contented life. Having sound mental health helps them to realize their innate potential and talent and contribute to a healthy society.

How to maintain successful mental health goals

Maintaining our mental or psychological health is at the root of our happiness and wellbeing. The mind is the epicenter of all our feelings and the seat of our emotions. It is from here that our pains and pleasures originate, grow and die. Maintaining positive mental health is of critical importance if we have to get the best out of life. It is true scientifically too: the happier we are, the more we laugh. The more we laugh, the healthier we will be and will be less prone to disease and pain. more...