What is healthcare environment, and how does it matter?

Healthcare environment is pretty much easy to understand as a concept. It is the creation of a healthful atmosphere and milieu at a healthcare setting in which a patient is undergoing treatment.

Implementing a good and positive healthcare environment is a collective effort, into which several factors have to work in tandem. The creation and maintenance of a proper healthcare environment is indeed the responsibility of everyone involved, right from government policy makers and stakeholders down to the minutest level of the individual healthcare worker that is involved in providing care to a patient at any point of time, at any location and for any type of disease or condition.

Coordination is at the root of healthcare environment

This calls for a high level of coordination in ensuring that the right healthcare environment is created and maintained at all times without the slightest lapses or letups. When the fact that healthcare is the second fastest growing sector in the US, employing nearly two-and-a-half million nurses alone is taken into consideration, one gets an idea of the level of coordination and cohesion needed for ensuring that an acceptable healthcare environment is in place.

A number of factors go into ensuring a good healthcare environment

Ensuring the putting in place of a sound healthcare environment requires implementing the following:


Other important factors

In addition, a few supplementary factors that have more to do with the human aspect and less with physical factors go on to make major contributions towards ensuring the right healthcare environment.

Making sure that healthcare professionals work in a congenial and motivating work atmosphere: This is a very important factor in facilitating a good healthcare environment because if any personnel in the healthcare industry keep quitting jobs, it puts that healthcare provider under duress to maintain good healthcare environment.

Attrition in the industry could be a major factor in ensuring healthcare environment, because the cost of replacing trained staff is high both in terms of financial cost, as well as in what it does to the healthcare organization.

Promoting positive human interaction at the healthcare setting

This idea has been catching up of late in the West. Although best practices and technologies are meant to lubricate the automation process, there is something that heals faster and better than medicine: ideas like spirituality, yoga, attention to the personal wellbeing of the patient, and proper nutrition for the body as well as for the mind, such as through books and music. These may seem to be intangible for many, but go a long way in ensuring a very vibrant and happy healthcare environment.