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MentorHealth resources directory is a collection of meaningful and relevant articles spanning all the important areas of concern to healthcare professionals. MentorHealth resources directory consists of a varied and rich collection of articles that offer insights into the vital areas of healthcare. Healthcare professionals and laymen alike can use these resources free to gain more knowledge of their areas of work. MentorHealth resources directory helps gain clarity in many areas of work related to healthcare. These resources offer knowledge needed to implement regulatory compliance, best practices, and accountable care. This section offers a compelling and interesting read on topics that include, but are not limited to OSHA Compliance, Risk management, Social Media in Healthcare, Healthcare IT, HIPAA/HITECH and much more.

Audit and Data Security:

Audit and data security is of utmost concern to organizations in the healthcare sector. Audits have a very important role in ensuring data security. Audit is a major means to detect and prevent theft of sensitive patient data. Healthcare organizations need to put layers or lines of defense against data theft. The ways of doing this are spelt out in regulations and have to be enforced.