Research Process Design in Real-World Clinical Settings -Rigorously Seeking Real-World Data

Date: Tuesday July 30, 2019

10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 60 Minutes
Instructor: Steven Schwartz
Webinar Id: 801733


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The webinar will discuss the tensions between internal and external validity and the management of mediating variable that can complicate interpretation of results.


There is increasing interest in and requirements for the acquisition of real-world data (RWD) by all healthcare stakeholders. An expanding set of techniques, technologies, and strategies are available to better understand the patient experience within a given treatment option.

The following will be addressed:

  • Rethink outcomes.Designing outcomes and evaluation can be organized to optimize value across that spectrum of stakeholders
  • Identify addressable patient-centered needs
  • Improve the patient experience. Understanding of patient needs leads to products and services that anticipate and address needs in ways that ease treatment burden
  • Extend the notion of value. Proximal outcome used in clinical trials are increasingly insufficient measures of value for key stakeholders including patients, payers, and prescribers

Why should you Attend: To better understand how to implement valid research methods, data acquisition and analysis within the context of busy ongoing clinical care and business processes that can yield meaningful insights into the patient experience with a given treatment and its relationship to outcomes and satisfaction.

The webinar will discuss the tensions between internal and external validity and the management of mediating variable that can complicate interpretation of results.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Operationalization and Acquisition of Real-World Outcomes
  • Overview of methodological factors and issues relevant to research in clinical environments
  • Practical issues to consider regarding staff and patients
  • Data integrity, missing data, group and n-of-1 analyses

Who Will Benefit:
  • Research Directors
  • Research Managers
  • IRB Managers
  • HEOR Directors
  • Clinical Trials Research Associates
  • Pharma HEOR/RWE Researchers
  • Brand Managers
  • Clinical Research Project Managers
  • CRO Staff

Speaker Profile
Steven Schwartz , Ph.D., Chief Science Advisor & Co-Founder & Manager, HEOR Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy has been involved in healthcare delivery and research for 30 years and has led outcomes evaluation and clinical trial coordination in a variety of settings including healthcare delivery systems, digital health technology, data analytics and the pharmaceutical industries. As part of the Behavioral Science Team that architected and evaluated the suite of HealthMedia digital health coaching products prior to, during, and after the company’s acquisition by Johnson and Johnson in 2008, Dr. Schwartz has been part of the digital innovation curve in healthcare for many years. He has published extensively in peer review science and industry trade publications. He has spoken on key health and technology topics locally, nationally and internationally. As a Boarded Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Schwartz has significant theoretical and practical expertise in (Cognitive) Behavioral Psychology, Learning Theory, Positive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Clinical Trials Design, Program Evaluation, Human-Centered and Instructional Design, Gamification and N-of-1 Individual Science methodology. Dr. Schwartz is co-inventor on pending patent to enhance personalized evidenced-based medical and non-pharmaceutical micro-treatments. The invention leverages predictive population statistics, AI, wearable sensors, and N-of-1 simple-to-understand accurate personalized IndividuALLytics Quotients™ to give medical professionals new level of personalized predictive analytics cost-effectively to aid improved productive patient conversations and better outcomes.

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