Supervisors - Helping them Play a Key Role in Safety

Duration: 60 Minutes
Instructor: Don Dressler
Webinar Id: 800048


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A supervisor has many responsibilities. in many organizations, the supervisor is responsible not only for supervisory responsibilities, but also for production responsibilities, that is, to get a product or service out the door. A Supervisor – under OSHA – is responsible for knowing the work hazards his employees face, to make sure they are trained, to enforce safety rules. in short - to fulfill the employer's General Duty to provide a safe workplace.

Work injuries are expensive- in human suffering and real dollars. These costs directly impact a company’s bottom line profitability. The average cost of a "lost time" injury in California in 2011 is $66,922 in direct workers' compensation claims dollars!

A trained supervisor, watching for hazards, training his or her employees, following up on problems, is the employer's best investment to prevent injures.

Why should you attend : OSHA creates an important legal status for a supervisor. They can speak for the company, make admissions which become evidence, authorize inspections and may have responsibilities for compliance with specific safety orders. The defense of “Independent Employee Action” requires that the employer effectively enforces its safety program and has a policy which it enforces of sanctions against employees who violate the safety program.

Yet - do these key persons know what OSHA requires, how to carry out safety policies, let alone what to do if an employee is injured?

While safety may be everyone's job, and anyone can and does act to make things safer or less safe, it is the Supervisor on the scene who makes safety a reality.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • OSHA requirements and the role of supervisors or managers
  • Responsibilities of supervisors in general and for safety
  • The cost of injuries and their impact on workers' compensation costs - how a supervisor can help
  • OSHA reporting requirements and OSHA inspection process
  • Importance of hazard identification and how to do it
  • Accident investigations - why and how
  • Specific techniques supervisors can use to promote safety
  • Resources for you

Who Will Benefit:
  • Owners of companies, Safety managers, Human Resources, Chief Operations Officers,
  • Safety Committee members, trainers
  • Foremen and Supervisors
  • Office and Plant managers
  • Division and Department managers and heads
  • Anyone with employees

Speaker Profile
Don Dressler has 40 years experience in safety, workers' compensation and human resources. He is a Consultant on insurance and risk management issues for private companies on workers compensation insurance and safety. Mr. Dressler is also an Attorney focusing on employment and human resources issues, accident investigations and OSHA compliance and workers' compensation defense. A former CEO of a workers' compensation insurer, he is admitted to the California Bar and the Federal Courts.

A graduate of Stanford Law School has an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA from Kansas State University. He is author of California Office Safety and How to Write Your Company's Safety Plan. He is Safety Group Manager for 3,500 legal and financial firms in California and also advises individual clients. He is founding partner in the human resources firm, Workforce Consultants.

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